August 7, 2016


Moy says she warned city manager 2 months ago about Crowley Lane

By Ryan McCarthy


FAIRFIELD — Councilwoman Catherine Moy said Monday she has warned City Manager David White for two months about drug sales and other crimes along Crowley Lane and that “somebody is going to die if they don’t do something.”

Police responding at 4:32 a.m. Monday to reports of a shooting at 1325 Crowley Lane located three gunshot victims. One person was pronounced dead and two other people were transported to an area trauma center, police said.

The councilwoman said White told her Monday that he passed along her concerns to the right people in the Police Department every time she spoke to him about Crowley Lane.

September 9, 2018















Candidates speak at Tri-City NAACP session

By Bill Hicks


FAIRFIELD — Eight candidates running for various local elected offices spoke Saturday during the meeting of the Tri-City NAACP at Mount Calvary Baptist Church.


One final question was posed related to the racial divide that seems to plague communities of color and police agencies and sought to understand what candidates would do to fix that situation.

“I have zero tolerance for that in Vacaville. Zero,” Harris said of racial profiling. “We have a community-oriented police force that engages residents in many different ways to ensure this doesn’t become a problem in our city.”

Moy said the same applied in Fairfield. Hiring practices also helped, she said.

“We’re hiring a police force that looks more like the community,” Moy said.

From left, candidates Dilenna Harris, Catherine Moy, Lori Wilson participate in a forum hosted by Tri City NAACP. (Bill Hicks/Daily Republic)

August 28, 2018









Recent Crashes Put Spotlight on Stretch of I-80 in Fairfield

by Sara Zendehnam


FAIRFIELD -- There have been three recent incidents along one stretch of Interstate 80.

On Aug. 10, a car plowed into and killed CHP Officer Kirk Griess and Jaime Manuel. Then, on Aug. 21, three Caltrans workers were hit by a car and injured.

Just recently, on Saturday, there was a fiery car crash.

"It's just people not paying attention," said Fairfield resident James Howard.

They all happened on westbound I-80 near the Manuel Campos Parkway exit in Fairfield.

"Is it a mix of things? Is it just distracted driving? Is there something wrong with the road there?" said Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Perez Moy.

July 25, 2018







Planners hope Pacific Flyway Center takes flight

By Bill Hicks


FAIRFIELD — When something is said to be “for the birds,” it’s often a reference to something negative.

Fairfield is hoping the saying stands for something great as community members and planners gathered Tuesday at Oakbrook Elementary School for an overview of the planned Pacific Flyway Center.

The center, once fully constructed, is expected by many of the center’s partners to be the bird equivalent of what the Monterey Bay Aquarium is for sea life.


“This is going to be so big. It’s really going to lift all other boats,” said Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy, who was one of several city officials who stopped by the event. “I’m really looking forward to the educational element and potential.”

An artist's rendering shows the Pacific Flyway Center on the outskirts of Fairfield along Interstate 680. (Courtesy photo)

September 20, 2018








Shelter Inc. to seek bridge funding for Fairfield shelter

By Bill Hicks

FAIRFIELD — The city is set to begin negotiations with Shelter Inc. as the successor agency to operate the Bridge to Life Center, Fairfield’s homeless shelter located at 310 Beck Ave., and hundreds of thousands of public dollars may be in the mix.

One area of likely negotiation between the agency and the city will be so-called bridge funding, or the funding used to help get some of the shelter’s previous debts managed, as well as give Shelter Inc. time to get its logistical feet on the ground when it takes over initial operation of the shelter.

The estimated amount proposed by Shelter Inc. during the City Council meeting Tuesday was approximately $400,000. That funding would come only in part from the city, with other cities in the county also contributing, as well as Solano County, according to City Manager David White.

Fairfield City Manager David White speaks to the crowd during the State of the City address at the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fairfield, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic file)

June 27, 2018





Fairfield council plans to push forward with RFP process for homeless center

By Bill Hicks

FAIRFIELD — The City Council moved forward Tuesday with the request-for-proposal process to seek a new operator for the Bridge to Life homeless center.

The current operators, Mission Solano, announced a plan to file for bankruptcy, leaving the future of the center in doubt. Solano County and Fairfield contributed matching funds totaling $80,000 to sustain the facility until a permanent replacement operator can be put in place via the RFP process.

Catherine Moy, speaking via phone, was the only council member who added any additional substance to the criteria the council put forward from the previous week.

“I want to see some sort of protections put into place to protect children and their parents,” Moy said. “All homeless are vulnerable, but children are the most vulnerable.”

Catherine Moy

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